Importance of Family Bonding

I came from a big family. I am the eldest and I have 5 siblings. We lived with our parents in a nipa hut that was too small for the eight of us. We had no separate rooms and slept all together, girls and boys, on a big mat. Our parents were not able to provide us with material things and comfort but they fed us with good values and molded us into good persons. They taught us to always love and respect each other. I can’t remember any fight or sibling rivalry. Living in one small roof and sharing everything are what helped us to build strong family ties. Yes, poverty cannot be a hindrance in instilling good values and building strong family bond.
Strong family bond is very important. It helps us to feel secure and accepted. It helps us believe in ourselves and helps us to instill hope and trust in the world outside. Family bonding need not be expensive. You don’t have to go on a grand vacation or eat in a posh restaurant to have a good bonding time. There are many constructive and fun-filled things that a family can do. It can be  as simple as hugs and kisses during bedtime stories, daily meals shared together, watching tv or playing scrabble with your kids,  or a day in a park or zoo.
I understand that you have to work in order to provide for your family and because you have a hectic schedule, you are running short of time for everything. But have you asked yourself  when was the last time you played or watched tv as a family? Yes, you are providing material things for your your family, but are you likewise providing them strong family relationship?
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  1. i agree…bonding with my kids does not mean we have to get out of the house…literally,we do get out of the house! that is, eating lunch at our kubo, that will be our most treasured moment:)

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