Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. This holiday is the perfect time to spend the day with someone special and celebrate just how much you mean to each other. When you have kids at home and other commitments, you may find yourself enjoying a toned down celebration or skipping the day completely. Celebrating the day in a special way at home can help rekindle the fire in your relationship and make you remember why you love each other. Even if the kids are underfoot, or you have limited funds, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

Valentine's Day

Romantic Film Marathon

Once the kids head off to bed, plan on spending a few hours watching your favorite romantic films together. Grab all those snacks that you both love, including licorice sticks, chocolate covered strawberries and popcorn. You can curl up together on the couch as you watch those movies. Some choices include Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and The Notebook. If he’s a guy’s guy, opt for some more unusual romantic film choices like The Princess Bride.

Picnic on the Floor

Take dinner off the table and onto the floor. All you need is a comfortable blanket, some candles and a delicious meal. With the candlelight reflecting off your faces, you just might fall in love all over again. If you find that you aren’t hungry after feeding the kids or snacking at work, host a dessert picnic instead of a full meal. You can feed each other strawberries dipped in chocolate, rich chocolate brownies or your favorite cookies. Valentine’s Day gift baskets make throwing a picnic celebration even easier. These baskets come with different ingredients that might include wine or champagne, crackers, cheeses, chocolate covered strawberries and fresh cookies. Of course, don’t forget the flowers as accents!

Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

With a Valentine’s themed treasure hunt, you can treat him to a night that he will never forget. Make a series of clues that lead him to different places around your home and garage. One clue might take him to the kitchen before sending him to the backyard, then the garage and then into the living room. When he reaches the reward waiting for him in the bedroom, you’ll both have a memorable night. While some couples spend a lot of money to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can have just as much fun with a night spent in your own home.

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