I Hate Traffic

I am grateful that the Manila Water is doing their best in improving their facilities to ensure greater water supply, unlike before wherein we need to use water pump just to have an efficient supply of water but, since the Manila Water started it’s Php3.2 billion water supply improvement project for the towns of San Mateo, Rodriguez and portions of Marikina City, the traffic becomes heavier. I hate traffic. Who doesn’t anyway? Every single minute is precious. Spending time stuck in traffic means losing great deal of time…few opportunities and some of the time to be spent with our family. It even gives me headache sometimes. But if the traffic jam is due to constructions for the improvement of facilities and services, we don’t have much choice but to be stuck on the road for a longer time.

Until now the Manila Water project is ongoing. Aside from the traffic jam that it causes, there are also times that the water supplies are interrupted because the workers accidentally hit and damage the pipes. I just hope this project would end soon.

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