How Well Do You Know Your Child?

Knowing your little one is more than knowing what his favorite color and favorite foods are. It’s all about knowing his personality, his traits, and his interests among others. This is the only way you can understand your child and help him become the best he could ever be. This getting-to-know you stage is not something that is orchestrated nor is it something that can be done when the child is older. You have to start developing your relationship with your child early on in his life.

know your child
mom and child bonding

As early as his infancy and toddler years, you have to closely observe your child and become attuned to his thought processes. Make bonding with your child a regular part of your daily routine. It is easy to just let your child go off and do what he wants to do in his room especially when he reaches schooling age. The biggest mistake parents can make is to let this happen and to give in to the luxury of having some quiet time without the kids running around the house or asking them a million and one questions.

It is always best to get your child used to being with you even if you are not doing the same things. You can both be in the kitchen with you cooking dinner on the stove and your child doing his homework on the kitchen counter. Keep communications lines open so that your child can freely talk to you and share his opinions with you. Encourage questions. Make it easy for him to ask you questions about things that he does not understand. When you take the time to address his questions, he will be more likely to answer yours too. It will be easier for you to probe and find out what your child is feeling, what he wants to do, and how the world looks from his own point-of-view.

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