How to Protect Our Child Through Insurance Claim

At the dinner table, my daughter said the sweetest thing. “Mommy, you love me so much”, she said and then I asked why. “It’s because you always give me the best piece of chicken. I love you, Mommy”, after which she hugged me. To my daughter, love is simple and unconditional, but she doesn’t realise that me and my hubby want to give her the best of everything, and not just a good piece of chicken, no matter what it takes.

This is how great the love that parents show is. Good parents will sacrifice everything for their kids, which is why I always shed a tear when I hear of parents who can’t work or take care of their children due to terminal illness or injury. I then asked myself what would happen if I or my husband was in this situation and how we would be able to provide for my daughter. This is why we both have insurance policies to protect ourselves and our daughter from the unexpected. It might sound morbid, but we should be prepared, especially in the event of life-changing illness or injury.

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However, we realise that many insurance policies can’t cover everything, which is why we realise that going to a website like for help could be the solution to our problems should either myself or my husband become seriously injured, acting on a “no win, no fee” basis meaning we don’t have to pay their lawyers a penny if we end up losing a compensation claim. Having this safety net is hugely important.

With their help, we know that, if something bad should happen to either of us, we’ll be covered as we know who to turn to for assistance. This means that our daughter can enjoy her life regardless of what happens to us.

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  1. it’s sad reality that there are insurance companies who take advantage of people who have less knowledge on insurances. good thing there are lawyers who are willing to safeguard their clients rights

  2. This is so touching. 🙂

    These are one of the things I will do when I have a family of my own. There’s no harm in planning ahead, and when its your child/children’s at stake, you will do everything to make sure they’ll be secured, even after you’re gone.

  3. would you believe our family is a huge fan of insurance. From life, educational to travel. When I was young I used to cut those papers in to tiny pieces never did I realize what it was until we found out it was an insurance policy copy #wink

  4. what’s so sad about this insurance thing is that after you invested your hard earned money, when you thought you are fully secured then bang things turn the other way around… ;( specially for those who are not earning much this is so terrible. a result based lawyer would be a good help.

  5. insurance companies almost always gives you a sweet tongue during the times they are encouraging you to get what they are selling but have deaf ears during claims… this is a great help. Yahweh bless.

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