How to Create your own Royal Wedding

We were all moved by Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding – the theme was ‘unpretentious, simple, and natural,’ and we could barely hold back the waterworks as we dreamed of our own fairytale ceremony.

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Now that you’ve set the date, take a leaf out of Kate’s marriage portfolio, and feel like a true princess on your big day. Here’s how to create your own royal wedding:

Choosing The Dress

One of the most important decisions before the wedding: the dress. We all remember Kate’s stunning Alexander McQueen gown which was both tasteful, simple, and flawless. To get the Kate look, opt for a dress with a lace bodice and a satin skirt. Don’t be afraid to remain conservative and cover up your shoulders. Bearing all is not always beautiful.

Accessorise with a little tasteful bling: diamond earrings are a must-have adornment, as well as a simple veil with minimal lace trimming.

Your Wedding Bouquet

If you’re wondering which flowers made an appearance in Kate’s bouquet, she chose lily of the valley, sweet William (of course!), hyacinth, ivy, and myrtle. Use similar arrangements to get the same, gorgeous assortment of blossoms.

Instead of throwing her bouquet, Kate placed the flowers on the grave of an unknown fallen soldier – a tradition in the royal family that began back in 1923. Follow in her footsteps by placing your posies on the grave of a loved one who couldn’t be at your wedding, in honour of their memory.


We’re sure you remember the simply stunning aisle of 20 foot trees that decorated Westminster Abbey on Kate’s big day. You can replicate this lovely sentiment at your wedding venue. Although it’s unlikely many indoor venues will accept large, potted trees in their rooms, it doesn’t hurt to ask, as country house weddings are perfectly posh.

Alternatively, you can have your wedding outdoors and either sneak the foliage in there or have your ceremony in a forest! With lights in the trees, you can really capture the fairytale magic.

Do Your Hair and Make-up Like Kate

We all love Kate’s signature hairstyle – those loose, long, and chic curls. On her wedding day Kate stuck by her guns and supported a similar ‘do to her everyday look. You can achieve the same style by separating your hair into three sections (maybe more if your hair is particularly thick) and curling each one. Don’t let go of the curl, but pin it back and leave it to cool.

Once you let down your hair (Rapunzel!), spray it with a good layer of hairspray and run your fingers through your hair gently to slightly loosen the curls. From here, you can attach your veil however you want or pin your locks back into a half-up/half-down style.

Serious points go to Kate for doing her own makeup on her wedding day. Here’s how you can get the same look for your ceremony: swipe a neutral shade of eyeshadow across your lid. In your crease, use a slightly darker shade. Line your eyes with black kohl and blend with a cotton bud.

Add a few coats of waterproof mascara (just in case!) and then turn your attention to your cheeks – pink blush on the apples, blended up to your hair line. Finally, finish off with nude/pink lip gloss and you’re good to go!

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