How to Capture a Room with a Hair Comb

Looking forward to showing off your new hair extensions at holiday parties this year? Want to make sure your new perfect locks really stand out? Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a line of people waiting to compliment your new look!

Make Sure Your Hair Extensions Are High Quality:

Make sure people are looking at your hair for the right reasons! Virgin Indian hair extensions are pure and authentic with a completely natural texture because it they are not chemically processed in any way, have cuticles that are intact and aligned, and last one to two years with the proper care. Virgin Indian hair is also popular because it is easy to style. If you stick with these premium hair extensions, they’re guaranteed to match your natural hair better than cheaper alternatives.

Keep Your Existing Hair and Your Extensions Healthy:

If you just got extensions but you’ve been neglecting your own hair, the discrepancy is going to show. You don’t want your natural hair from your crown to where your extensions start look dry and frizzy in comparison to your silky new extensions. Switch to a restorative shampoo that will help with breakage, strengthening, and restoring your hair. Use a deep conditioner once a week targeted for dry hair instead of conditioning every time you shower. If you can’t break away from your blow dryer or straightener, spray your hair with a heat protector spray before you subject it to high temperatures. There are also less-damaging dryers and straighteners available on the market. Try an ionic blow dryer; it will also cut the drying time of your hair in half! Also, switch to a silicone-emitting flatiron to reduce frizz and damage. If you really want your hair to shine, use an at-home gloss treatment. Applying a gloss treatment is similar to applying hair color, but without the dying effect; your hair will have a luminous shine for about a week.

Bring Attention to Your Hair With a Sparkly Hair Comb:

keeping hair extensions

Want to make sure your beautiful new long locks don’t go unnoticed? Make sure to wear your hair parted to the side and down with pretty waves. Pull the hair on the side of your part taunt to the side of your head, and secure your strands with a sparkling, jeweled hair comb. Make sure to wear a comb that is very dissimilar from your hair color (i.e. don’t wear a red jeweled comb if you have red hair). Also, try to avoid wearing a comb that matches your dress. You want all eyes to gravitate to your beautiful long hair!

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