How I Turned My Irish Race Horse Toby Into A Competition Winner

I have an Irish racehorse called Toby, named after my firstborn child, and he is a fantastic companion to all of us. Together, as ahorse shampoo family, we have won many competitions and also been placed locally and nationally at a decent level. Before I start I have to say that I am not a world professional competing with the pros but I do enter small competitions for us to enjoy as horse riding is a great passion of ours. We don’t really have the funds or sponsorship to get into the pro circuits but we do have just enough pennies saved up to enter smaller competitions and also it is more about the kudos of winning or finishing on the podium rather than the money for me. Here are a few tips on how I look after my horse and make sure that he is in tiptop condition for every competition.

1.Firstly I feel that having a range of horse supplements is extremely important as even though you may be feeding your animal the best it will need extra supplements as it is a competition horse. This means buying joint supplements and also anti-inflammatory remedies to give them after they have taken part in a competition. Also you want your horse looking the best so you may also want to buy supplements to give it a shiny coat ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. This may also help you attract any investors if that is the route you are going down.

2.Secondly buying high-quality after-care goods such as shampoo from NAF Products is extremely important. This is because you want to put the best on your animal and do not want any harmful chemicals damaging it or inducing any underlying conditions. I always buy the best when it comes to my horse as I feel that these products also perform better than any lesser brands.

3.Thirdly you do not have to break the bank when buying high grade products like Lincoln Horse Care. My secret is to go to an online pet shop where you will be able to buy everything you need for a discounted price.

*This is a guest post.

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