Honing Survival Skills for Kids

The importance of equipping kids with survival skills becomes more apparent with the effects of climate change. A week hardly passes by without an incident of flooding, earthquake, or unusual weather condition being experienced in different parts of the world. It is hard to tell when disaster may strike and one of the best ways to protect the family against these events is to prepare them. When it comes to teaching kids about dealing with disasters, a lecture is the last thing that you would want to do. Fortunately, there are fun ways to teach survival skills for kids.

Camping is a great way to hone survival skills for kids.
Camping is a great way to hone survival skills for kids.

Books, videos, and movies offer an entertaining way to learn about dealing with disasters. Mickey and Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Books, Safety Patrol Cartoon Series, and movies like The Day After Tomorrow are some examples of tools that subtly teach the kids about disasters and how to deal with them. It would be best if parents can guide their kids through these activities to make sure that the kids fully understand the concept of surviving through disasters. Parents can also take advantage of some fun summer activities like camping and swimming for a more practical approach.

Camping is a great way to hone survival skills for kids. Summer camp activities usually include finding or building shelter, making a fire, fishing, and sometimes even foraging for food in the woods. Exposing kids to somehow rough conditions under less stressful circumstances is one way to help them prepare for situations wherein families are left homeless or displaced after a disaster. Learning how to swim is another survival skill that children have to learn. Parents may opt to enroll their child to a swimming school or teach the kids themselves so they can have extra bonding activities with their children. It can be a regular recreation activity or a fitness regimen for the whole family to help develop strong swimmers.

No amount of preparation can guarantee your child’s safety when disaster strikes. But a set of survival skills for kids can help increase their chances of getting through it. Camping and swimming are good starts for those who have been living a techie lifestyle or those who are dependent on modern conveniences.

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