Help Your Children Achieve Their Dreams

RJ is natural when it comes to making friends. She has this charisma which makes it easy for her to build relationship with others. Because of her personality I think Travel Counselor Jobs or jobs related to international relations, communication and publicity would fit her best. I know it’s not my call to make and it’s too early to think about things like these but whenever she says she wants to be a teacher someday, I feel like she has set her mind already as to what she will be when she grows up. Though sometimes I want to tell her that I don’t want her to be a teacher because it is not my dream for her, I always keep my mouth shut because I don’t want her to be discouraged.

There are times that we, parents, worry too much about our children’s future. We are afraid that they might make wrong choices that’s why we always interfere with their dreams. But don’t forget that although we have control over our children, choosing their career is their decision to make, not ours. They may encounter barriers and problems along the way and this is the time they will need us the most. And if in case their dreams cannot be achieved, don’t blame them. Instead, encourage them to dream again and help them achieve their dream goal.

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