Hearts Everywhere

When you are in love, you feel special and you feel good. You feel like every love song is meant for you, no waking up on the wrong side of the bed, you can see hearts everywhere and the world seems brighter and beautiful each day.

This is exactly what I felt when Rhonnel and I were still on the stage of courting and dating. I was just afraid to admit at first that I am in love with him because I was traumatized by my previous relationships. Do not get me wrong. We are still very much in love. It is just that it is different when you have your kids. The attention, time, everything is divided and sometimes the kids are getting more of everything.

So as to keep the fire burning, we never fail to show that we still care. We make sure to have the time to reconnect by setting dates, just the two of us. We cuddle and kiss while watching movies here in the house. We are always honest, loving and supportive to each other.

Nothing is more important than you both being able to express your true feelings. These are the reasons why our fire never gets out of flame and why there are still hearts everywhere we go until now.

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  1. Ang mga nababasang entry eh nakaka goosebumps sa sobrang love. Umaapaw talaga. Mommy Rossel, kahit naman may mga kiddos na tayo, iba pa rin ang love natin sa ating mga hubbies di ba? Iba pa rin ang kilig at ang twinkling ng ating mga mata once na nandyan sila, or kahit wala sila sa tabi natin. Ang kids eh nakadagdag lang sa ating closeness, but the truth is, the more we feel love to our partners..

  2. it’s said in our retreat that God designed for marriage to be that way. at the start, everything’s automatic. we feel love and do the things like write love letters, give gifts, spend time together automatically w/o being told. that kind of love fades. but when we grow farther in the relationship, we need to work for the love to grow. the more we work at love the more we feel it. this is the lasting love 😀 continue dating each other! that’s so sweet 😀
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  3. Now a days, only few men can be trusted. Out of 100% men only 10% men are good and fighting for their love, your hubby belong to 10% good men . You are both lucky to love and to be loved. Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. indeed ate rossel… marriage is a work in progress… we really have to do something to keep the fire burning. and you’re so on the right track… we can see naman how you and daddy ronnel love each other… so inspirational! HERE’S MINE

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