Happy and Excited Me

I feel good and happy that after two years we have finally finished paying our bank loan. I received the statement yesterday and was happy to see the “0.00” figures.

Loan Billing Statement

Hubby and I usually say no to loans but with the crunch nowadays, it is hard to live without loans. To cope up with life’s circumstances, we rely on payday loans for emergencies or bank loans to cover the bigger amount of money we need. Though sometimes paying them off are daunting, we are thankful that loans exist.

One more loan to finish and we will be free from obligations, except of course for our monthly electric and water bills which are for life. After that, we can already save for our house improvement. Hubby and I are planning the house renovation long time ago but whenever we are about to save for that, something more important arises.

We want our house to be renovated to improve comfort. Our girl is getting bigger (so are hubby and me, lol!) so we need bigger rooms. It won’t cost as much though to refresh our living space but still we need to save and plan the renovation very well to maximize our small house. I can’t wait to save enough for that. Just the thought of having my dream kitchen with granite counter tops excites me.

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