It’s raining since the other day. I guess the rainy season has started officially. There are many things that I will miss now that the summer is over especially the halo-halo. Of course I can still eat halo-halo because I bought an ice shaver last summer and I can make some anytime I want  but it’s different when eating it during summer while the heat is scorching.

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert which is a mixture of different sweetened fruits and beans. No specific ingredients are used in halo-halo. You can add as many ingredients as you desire then add the shaved ice and evaporated milk. For special treats, you can add leche flan, ube, macapuno or ice cream on top.
The best halo-halo for me is Icebergs halo-halo. I can’t get enough of it. It is literally filled with 12 tasty ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cream on top, but I think it’s their macapuno balls that made their halo-halo so flavorful. It is served with separate evaporated milk and sugar so you can adjust its taste to your desired creaminess and sweetness. You may think that P118 is too expensive for a glass of halo-halo. But Icebergs halo-halo is served in a large bowl instead of the usual tall glass. Once you tasted it, you’ll say that P118 is cheap for its delicious taste.



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  1. yummy!! I like mine without beans! i want lots of sago/ gulaman, camote, saba, ube, leche flan 😀

  2. now that i see your halo-halo, i’m obsessing again!:p i posted my icebergs halo-halo a few fridays ago..been eating at Razon’s for the past few nights, kahit umuulan.

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