RJ has very thin hair when she was born. I used headbands and hair clips to match her dress and she was very cute with those accessories.
My MIL told us to shave her hair to make it thick but Rhonnel did not want to. He said that it will grow eventually and it did. Now that she has long hair, the styles are just endless and tell you, I am a patient Mom that is very good with hair styling.


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  1. yup, my girls, too, have the thinniest hair when they were babies, they told me to shave it w/ i haven't, scared that it might not grow back, or it might get kinky when they grew again.
    look at how her hair grew, and, that long…:)

  2. Buti na lang at di mo ni-shave ang hair ni RJ-mukhang healthy naman cya kahit di mo ginawa.Sobrang ikli ng mga hair ng kids ko when they were small kaya naman ngayon ayaw ng paputulan ang hair nila.
    Love RJ's smile!^_^

    Have a blessed weekend to you and your family,Mommy Rossel^_^

  3. Yes, your daughter is very cute. She can have all the hairstyle there is and she would still remain cute. She's heaven sent to you and your hubby, a veritable angel in disguise. Thanks for the cute post. God bless you all always.

  4. wow ganda naman ng hair style ng dalaga mo sis, btw, the bligitive is not new matagal na akung gumawa ng review sa kanila. they pay me $5per reviews for less 100 words

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