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There is nothing better than rugging up on a cold winter night, and it is even better if you have the perfect quilt to drape around yourself. However, there are many facets to buying the right quilt. Most of these will be fairly obvious, but there are some you may want to pay more attention to next time you’re looking for a quilt. If you’re in the market for a new quilt now, read on to check our guide to the perfect quilt!
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The size of the quilt that you buy will be important, especially if you are buying one to replace a preloved one. The most common sizes are as follows: single, double, queen or king. Quilts can be available in super king and king single sizes as well, if you own a bed in those sizes. Quilts are usually bigger than most mattresses, so if you want to go up a size, you will probably find that it will drag onto the floor.


There are a number of different kinds of filling you can have in a quilt. This mainly hinges on your sleeping habits and the environment in which you sleep. Down and feathered quilts are probably the most common, and they are the quintessential winter quilt. The feathers are very good at trapping heat, which means you will definitely be kept warm on those colder nights. If you want the feel of a feathered quilt but you have allergies, microfiber quilts might be the way to go. Wool quilts are also another popular choice, and they are the perfect all year quilt, keeping you warm in winter and soaking up all that extra moisture in summer. If you’re considering a wool quilt, specialists such as MiniJumbuk can help you choose the right quilt for you.

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Quilt Cover

Quilts tend to be white and made with great care, with delicate stitching, and you don’t want to be ruining this while you toss and turn. There are a huge variety of quilt covers available for you can choose from, and you can even get ones to match your colour scheme, if you so wish.


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Loft is another way of determining the thickness of a quilt – it is basically how much the quilt rises. Light loft is equal to about two blankets, and super loft is equal to about five, with high loft sitting in the middle and equating to three. Choose the right loft to suit your body temperature and sleeping habits.

So this is your guide to the perfect quilt! You may have other things that you might deem important, so feel free to add those onto your list of things to consider when you go out shopping. Good luck and hopefully you will find your dream quilt!

What do you think makes a perfect quilt? What do you look for when you go and buy a new quilt? If there anything else you would keep in mind? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section down below.

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