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The communications had gone a long way since the innovation of the internet and so as the advertising. Social media are now being used to market different products and services. If you are a marketer or a small business owner, you know or you should know the importance of social marketing campaign to promote your business. Millions of people are using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. These are the most popular social media networks and their massive reach provides compelling opportunities to connect with customers.
Maybe it is not new to you that you can link your Facebook account with your Twitter account. But do you know that you can now integrate your accounts in Facebook and Twitter with your email? Thanks to Flowtown to this brilliant email marketing solution. There is now a way to find who your contact really is on social media through his mail address. You can view the profile of your contact’s social network participation, dermographics, pictures and influence. This will make the marketer-customer relationship stronger and more personal.
Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, this integration could help you to choose the perfect gift for your contacts as well because most people are posting their Christmas wish lists on Facebook and Twitter. How about funny t-shirts for gifts this Christmas? Well, just a suggestion.
With this email-social media integration, Flowtown is now a great platform for marketers. Sign up now and target your new customers by easy access on their whereabouts.
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