Gout Attack

Like what I’ve written in my previous articles, Hubby is a basketball addict. Here in our place, they have a basketball weekend club wherein guys his age also play basketball from 6:00am until 9:00am. They usually follow it up with a drinking session but hubby, who easily gets drunk, just joins them not for the drink but for the camaraderie and of course, the pulutan lol.

However, it’s been weeks that hubby wasn’t able to play basketball. The reason? His left ankle is swollen and it’s not from an injury or something. Apparently, his uric acid is shooting up again and this onfirmed after some laboratory exam.

For everybody’s information on uric acid, it is a byproduct of the metabolism of substances called purines, which are found in every cell. An excess of uric acid can occur due to overproduction or inadequate excretion of the substance. The following are known triggers for gout attacks: joint injuiries, eating too much of certain foods, infection, surgery and crash diets.

I think reason number 2 triggered the gout attack because he only not eat certain foods but he eats all kinds of food lol.

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