Good Habits to Keep Forever

I will sound so conceited if I am going to enumerate my good habits. Naaaa, I am just kidding. So what are my good habits to keep? I am not perfect. No one is. But I am a very loving wife and caring mother. I want to attend to my family’s needs personally everyday, 24/7; cook their foods, wash and iron their clothes, massage them or even bathe them if I have to. I know these are our responsibilities but not all mothers and wives are given the chance to attend to their family’s needs everyday. I find Moms like me who are working at home very lucky because we can savor every minute with the most precious people in our life, play with our kids or just watch DVD movies with hubby. So those are the habits that I want to keep forever, my being loving and caring.


As for Rhonnel, aside from being loving and caring too, he does not complain when he gets home and the house is a mess because I was hooked in front of the computer the whole day. As long as he has delicious food to eat, he is contented. That is what I want him to keep, his being so understanding.


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  1. Hoooray, you're back hehehehe. Thanks in advance tokaya, kaw talaga nag abala ka pa… Been busy here lately too.

    Parehas pa nakapula mga jowas natin sa pic heheheh. Sarap pagka understanding ang hubster ano tokaya? I agreee with you being at home is best for us and the kids.
    Join ka ulit sa nostalgia, been missing your entries hehehe..

  2. awww!!! how I wish I could have that ability like your Mommy Rossel ^_^ hihi.. the ever loving, caring and sweet wife and a mother someday…

    About your hubby, parehas tayo… I do have the same understanding hubby as well… I guess we're lucky.. cheers Mommy Rossel ^_^

    First time ko sa Couple's corner, I just got married last year of dec 28!! hihi

    –> Mommy Rossel, lil favor.. please vote me as the SWEETEST BLOGGER, just click (ferry'zWILL) and here's the link

    THanks much
    I'll wait for your click…

  3. Happy New Year Ate Rossel! It's good to be back! hehe… pareho pala tayong naglaho ng panandalian… How's your holidays?

    I really admire your being so caring… sana ako din magawa kong habit yung pagdating ni hubby ready na ang table… Usually kase sya pa nag iisip ng iuulam at saka palang ako magluluto pag pauwi na sya (sayang ang internet time eh) hahaha!!! buti nalang din pareho sila ni daddy rhonnel… di nagagalit kahit magulo ang house… as always… we're just so lucky to have our spouses, dba?

  4. Para kang kabute, hahaha! wow, loving and caring beat it all. You're right, WAHM like us are very lucky that we can see our kids grow every single day. We don't miss anything and we can take care of our family and still able to help financially, well at least in your case. Sa akin eh hobby na lang ang blogging while making small amount of money.

  5. Well, we all have our good points and bad points as well. Nobody has a monopoly of goodness as there is no perfect person in this world. What matters is that you and your husband appreciate each other's good points. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. kainggit talaga ang stay at home. i stayed at home for 6 years. those were the best years of my life, so far, kasi ako ang nag aasikaso sa family ko.. you're one lucky girl to have such an understanding hubby.

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