Glimpses of Our Future

When I met Rhonnel I never thought that we will be together for life. We were officemates and I thought that that was it. We became friends and we were together almost everyday. I saw his kindness, his being responsible and his being God-fearing. And who would not be in-loved with a man like him? When I gave him my sweet “YES”, I realized that his kindness was not just a bait to hook me. He is really a kind-hearted person. Because of that I knew that he would be a very good husband and a loving father.

On our first month as sweethearts, he gave me an engagement ring. That’s how fast he was. Though I did not say yes at once because I was not ready yet to get married and I still have fears, I started to daydream and have a glimpse of our future together; living on our own house, having three kids, and live a simple yet happy family life.
It is but natural for the future husband and wife to daydream and have a glimpse that they will stand beside each other through both the heartaches and the joys and hope that they will be fit and be able to live together happily. But the truth is not all marriages have “happily ever after” endings. Marriage has many issues to be dealt with but if you will talk about these issues without fights and hang-ups, if you will respect each other’s decisions, thoughts and feelings and if you will love each other faithfully, then it is not impossible for your daydreams and future glimpses to become reality.
Did my future glimpses materialize? Well, you have to be back here next week to know.
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  1. Yay, ganun ka short he proposed directly to you? Sa bagay, you are already in the stage to get married and you have experienced a lot. But look at you now, living together for long time. VEry inspiring indeed!

  2. Hehehe! fast mover pala tong si Rhonnel ah, engage agad within a month na sinagot?? oks na oks ah.

    It's normal for us to dream about the future with our loved one, and then di natin alam, ang dami palang pagsubok ng marriage life, wahhhhh! wait ko ang next entry mo..

  3. ohhh! another coincidence. MY RONEL and I were officemates as well when we met, lol! well, i'll check this out next week..

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