Gifts for Men: What to Buy Dad

If your kids aren’t quite old enough to pick what they want to buy for their dad, or you don’t quite trust them to leave them to their own devices, then you’ll be the one buying the gift. Make sure you get the perfect present for your child’s father with this little gift guide. Whether you’re being really organised and buying Christmas presents or he has a birthday coming up, make sure you get the perfect thing!

gift for dad
A little homemade gift is a great gift idea
to warm the cockles of his heart.

Baby Daddy

If your child is not talking yet, what better way to show their affection than with a cute slogan tee? There are a whole variety of different slogans you could find on the net, like these ones on pinterest. Ideally, go for two, a funny one, and one that tells him how much his kid loves him! Alternatively, if you’re on a strict budget, you could make your own. Just grab a couple of plain baby grows and fabric pens and start designing.

Terrible Toddlers

Once your child has started walking, talking, and drawing on all the walls, it’s time for them to take a more active part in their dad’s gift. Whether you go for making cookies together, or drawing a portrait of their dear papa, a little homemade gift – especially when this is still novel – is a great gift idea to warm the cockles of his heart, and won’t cost the earth either.

Play Together, Stay Together

A gift that will make everyone happy is a game, activity or day out. Quality father-child time is always valuable, so whatever suits both their interests. It could be anything from a themed Monopoly board game to a day trip to the zoo. You could, alternatively, simply get your child to write out a card with exactly what they think their daddy would like to do for a day, go to the park together, eat fish and chips on the beach, etc, for a cute gift.

Little Adults 

If your child is a tweenager, then they’re probably wishing that they could get their dad something really cool, but can’t have a job and therefore don’t have the funds. If this is the case, then it might be time to let them loose. A good way to teach them how to deal with money is to give them a budget and send them to a website (overseen by you, of course!). Something that is affordable and full of cool stuff that Dad will appreciate.

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