Giant Slides and Aqua Thrills

Last Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary and as always, we didn’t have budget for a grand holiday. But still it turned out as an exciting and adventure-filled family day. We woke up early that morning to catch the early trips and with our kelty backpacks we headed to Splash Island and tried the water fun giant slides and aqua thrills.

It was our first time there. I thought RJ would be afraid of giant slides but I was wrong. She loved the water rides and was much braver than me. I am afraid of heights and giant slides. I always feel like I will fall out and drown even if I am not. But after some convincing from hubby and RJ and after mustering up some courage, I tried the Big Bamboo (an enclosed long steep slide) with RJ and the Rio Montañosa (the longest slide) with the two of them.

Giant Slide

Giant Slide
Rio Montañosa

Aqua Thrills

Aqua Thrills
The Big Bamboo

Waaah! I am thankful that my heart is in good condition. If not, I’ll have a heart attack for sure. Now I know why there’s a sign saying “Persons with heart ailment are not allowed” that is posted before each slide.

Thanks to hubby and RJ’s persistence. If not for them, I won’t be able to face and overcome my fears. It was an unforgettable thrilling experience. Now, I want to go back there and try again the giant slides.

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