Getting On The Writing Mood

Three years ago, all I wanted was an online journal where I can share my personal thoughts, my life musings and my family’s adventures. I never thought that it would lead me to blogging/writing and that it would become my passion.

Everyone can write but not everyone is a writer. Though it doesn’t need a special course in school, the drive or eagerness to write is usually innate. Others are venting out their feelings through writing while others are making it as their source of living.

Ever since the birth of the internet, writers migrated to blogging and while some became web content contributors. It’s pretty much easy to start a blog but the real challenge is on keeping it active through frequent updates.

There are instances when you’re not in the mood or in a moment called writer’s block but there are several ways on how to get out of it immediately. Enlisted below are the common ways to get into the mood.

1. Make use of your recent encounter no matter common it may be. You may write “How To’s” or “Tips On” type of write ups and in no time you’ll be amazed on how far you’ve written.

2. Be observant and attentive. An overheard topic or a passersby’s outfit can be a great source of a custom essay or similar write ups.

3. Read something. It may be books, leaflets, term papers or simply the latest issue of the daily newspaper. You can get inspiration from your co-writers as well.

4. Listen to Music. There are writers who can easily get into the mood when they’re listening to their favorite music. The song per se can give you hints on the possible topics to write or perhaps give you the vibe to continue writing all throughout the time that you badly need it.

5. Go outside and feel the nature. Some writers can get into the writing mood when they are in a solemn and green place. The fresh scenery of nature can become a nice ambiance for an inspiring write up.


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  1. same here, i’m having hard time finding a topic to write about. so, i always take notes what to do and what to write next time just to remember it.

  2. Very well said mommy, I used to be a mixedbag blogger but decided to niche, that way I can organize my thoughts on specific blogs. Great tips here, I always have music on and I read a lot too when I don’t blog…

  3. Great tips! Sometimes I do feel like not writing as well and or I don’t know what to write or how to start. Like the mind just doesn’t seem to work. I am a mama and sometimes taking care of two young ones just get’s pretty chaotic and hectic and my brain just wants to relax. hahahaha…. Visiting!

  4. I may really be considered a writer in the sense that I can write many things fast. You can notice that in my blogs. However, there are really days that I dont want to write a single word and then I just spend my time cooking. LOL

  5. I also need some inspirations when I am writing for my blogs. It has a great difference when I write for a print media – I can finish 3 articles in 30 minutes!

  6. TheSe are helpful tips. I sometimes encounter writer’s block and i dont know what to write anymore in my blogs. But these things you’ve listed may just came handy

  7. me three, i’m in a Writer’s Mental Block. so many things to multi task that I already feel lack of sleep and too tired to get up and watch the computer. plus the kids needs more attention too so… yeah… thank you for this tips though!

  8. since my children goes to school, i never have enough time to fulfill my online duty, it was so hard to put my thoughts into words because there are times when i’m not in the mood of writing. Glad that someone regularly writes sponsored posts for me. i don’t have to worry about it, all i do is improving my blogs stat.

  9. there are times when we get “writer’s block”, no matter how hard we try to come up with a good piece, we just could not get it out. 🙂

  10. blogging has been my best buddy for 12 years now. i used friendster, then xanga, then discovered bravejournal, then later on blogger, then multiply, then wordpress. i cant count how many blogs i owned before. i wrote to voice out what i feel inside then paid blogging came after. its good to make money at something you love to do. to blog is not necessarily need to be a writer. all u need to have is a heart to tell your story.

  11. Great tips you have in here. Blogging really makes your imagination work because you constantly look for topics that you write 🙂 I am the same too, there are times I run out of things to say or write and that will just boil down to do more personal posts 🙂

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