Five Benefits of Having an Open Kitchen

In recent years, many of us have undergone the change from closed kitchen to open. We’ve torn down the walls and exposed what were once the closed off areas of our homes. For some people, this has worked wonders. But others are still hesitant about the case for open kitchens. Here are five benefits to having an open kitchen to get you thinking.

open kitchen
Sometimes when you’re cooking a meal you’re also keeping your eye on the kids. With an open kitchen, this is much easier.

It’s Social:

Having an open kitchen allows direct access to the dining room. In most cases, you can see the dining table from the kitchen bench. This means that when friends and family come for dinner, you can continue to entertain them if you’re still whipping up a meal. With a closed kitchen this wouldn’t be possible. Guests would have to sit by themselves while you continued to cook in the kitchen by yourself. An open kitchen is definitely the more sociable option.

It’s Easier With Kids:

Sometimes when you’re cooking a meal you’re also keeping your eye on the kids. With an open kitchen, this is much easier. They can be sitting in the lounge room or at the dining table – depending on the layout of your house – and you can still watch them. With a closed kitchen, however, they would need to be in the kitchen with you. And let’s face it, that would make the cooking process a whole lot less productive.

It Feels Nicer:

Nobody likes been stuck in a tight, claustrophobic kitchen. In general, open spaces feel so much nicer. Especially when cooking. It’s important that the atmosphere feels relaxed. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of stress while you’re trying to cook for family or friends: the benches are cluttered, and there’s not enough space. Whether an open kitchen provides more space or not, it will feel as though it does.

It Adds Character:

An open kitchen can be more than just a place for cooking. If you’re one of those snazzy kitchen types, it can work as an element of design, adding character to your house. A kitchen doesn’t have to be completely practical – it can be stylistic as well. Think about the statement that you want your kitchen to say about you. Through an open layout, it is there for all to see. See Coral Homes.

It’s Welcoming:

Having an open kitchen will undoubtedly help guests feel more welcome in your home. The openness of the space allows everybody to feel involved, and nobody is shut away or excluded. By having an open kitchen, guests can mingle in the area, having a glass of wine or helping with the cooking, without the walls to bar the kitchen from view. All in all, it feels friendlier and more welcoming.

Before deciding on your kitchen, make sure to think about the kind of personality you have and how that will affect the type of kitchen that is best for you. Think about social gatherings, cooking habits and whether or not you have or are planning on having kids. For more information on home design, or to join the open kitchen discussion, visit Coral Homes on True Local.

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