First Grown-Up Learning Experience

Teaching RJ how to tell time was a big step for both of us. It was her first grown-up learning experience and it was my first time to feel how big she has grown. RJ was five when I started making a toy clock out of paper plate, drew numbers on it and attached big hands. I showed her how the hands work, that each time the third hand goes round, it is one minute, that each time the long hand goes round it is one hour and that each time the short hand goes round twice, it is one day. My only purpose then was to test if she is ready to learn the concept of clock and time but she was so amazed and got interested and so we did that everyday for one week.

Until one day, I was asking hubby what time it is when RJ answered while looking at our wall clock. We were all surprised. I was glad that she easily picked up through my effort. Now that she’s eight years old, it’s not so surprising if she can tell the time using watches that are as complicated as the 6-hand chronograph Meister Watches.

Teaching your kids how to tell time may sound as simple as you may think but it is not. But then with your right approach, effort and patience, your kids can learn easily.

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