First Communion

Fist communion is a very important occasion in the Catholic faith and so is in RJ’s school. The school planned and prepared hard to make the said occasion memorable.

Hubby and I were excited to witness RJ’s acceptance of the Holy Eucharist for the first time. When we arrived at school that day, I was happy and contented with what I saw…everything is white except for the carpet which is red. There are white flowers everywhere I look and the children are singing touchy religious songs in their mellow voices, enough to give me goose bumps and make me cry. That was indeed, unforgettable.

There are different ways to mark and document that day but for me it is best to have her first communion solo picture to be photo framed. Because it is a special occasion, RJ’s photo needs a special frame too. While I am browsing the net, I saw a very nice frame. It is a personal creation, a wood frame that is perfect to hold RJ’s photo from that blessed day. It’s a beautiful way to remind us of RJ’s acknowledgement of a new level of maturity.

As parents, it is important to witness and document every milestone of your children. Always have your camera and videos ready and think of creative ways to preserve the photos and videos that your child can proudly look at when they grow up.

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