Fire Dancing in White Beach Puerto Galera

It rained hard last night and we slept soundly due to the cold weather. But today, I again woke up on a hot and humid day. It seems like summer is not over yet. So before the rainy season officially starts, I want to go back to Puerto Galera with my family to have our last summer plunge this year. I’m glad that I chanced upon these jumpsuits in Zalora. They are loose fit and super sexy which are perfect for our Puerto Galera getaway. I’m super excited!

The last time we went to Puerto Galera, we stayed in a secluded resort because our main purpose then was to unwind. But this time we want to have fun so maybe we’ll stay in white beach. White Beach is a long stretch of beach with fine white sand. During summer, it is the favorite venue of many concerts and festivals in Puerto Galera so it is more crowded than the Western lying bays (Small Laguna and Big Laguna) which are more serene. But still, White Beach has some flair that you can’t find in other areas of Puerto Galera. During the day, you can see people everywhere…busy engaging into water sports, indulging in massage on the sand, swimming and sunbathing. At night (the time that I like the most), people come out to have meals on beachfront restaurants, have fun on discos, enjoy drinks on open-air bars and watch fire dancers. Yes, fire dancing is not popular in Boracay alone, but in Puerto Galera as well most especially in White Beach. Almost each bar has their own fire dancers.

Here’s a fire dancing video that I took when we had our Puerto Galera vacation. My daughter and I watched in awe and admired the dancers’ skills. It was our first time to see fire dancers performing live, dancing and spinning with fire poi and fire hoops. They make it look so easy but it’s definitely not. They spent hours and hours of practice to master their skills.

There are poi dance instructors in White Beach that offer scheduled classes for poi dancing. No, I don’t want to learn the craft because I think it’s not for me but I would love to go back and see these amazing fire dancers perform again.

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