Family Weekend Bonding

This weekend, hubby and I promised RJ that we’ll be going to Quezon City Memorial Circle to once again enjoy the smell of grass and assorted plants and trees in the morning (yes, they still exist inside QCMC) and to play frisbee and badminton and enjoy the playground sets as well. You may be asking, why QCMC? I must admit that I’m a big fan of QCMC. First, improvements were already installed in their facilities as well as upgrading of existing ones and they are not stopping. Second, food is cheap compared to the malls. Lastly, kids can run and play all they want with no worries of being hit by vehicles. Besides, you won’t run out of activities while you’re inside QCMC. Parents should try bringing the whole family to QCMC, it won’t hurt you in the pocket but your kids’ smiles will be priceless.

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