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Fairy Hobmother and My Dishwasher

My daughter used to ask me if fairies are real and if there are such things as pixie dusts. I know how much children love to hear about these whimsical fairy things but I can’t lie to my little girl. I can’t give her false hope that one day she can see a fairy flying while leaving a trail of twinkling fairy dusts just like Tinker Bell, so I told her the truth. Fairies don’t exist. But when Fairy Hobmother paid a visit to this blog, I want to believe that I might be wrong. 🙂 So who is Fairy Hobmother?

Fairy Hobmother is a known generous fairy in blogosphere. He is bloghopping and rewarding those bloggers who have been helping him to carry on what he does and I am one of the lucky chosen individuals. It’s a very timely visit as I am saving for an integrated dishwasher, just like this one I saw from http://www.appliancesonline.co.uk and the Fairy Hobmother will help me buy the dishwasher I want soon.

http://www.appliancesonline. co.uk

Here are the reasons why I like to have a dishwasher.
1. I am washing dishes by hand for years and I hate it that it sometimes result to a pile of dirty dishes just because I’m tired of doing it again and again.
2. I have this habit of scrubbing everything before hitting the sack even how tired my hands are, or else I can’t sleep soundly. With a dishwasher, I won’t need to wet my hands after typing all day.
3. It will be so much easier to clean up…no scrubbing, no air drying or wiping with a dish cloth.

If you are saving for something just like me, you might want to leave a comment. Fairy Hobmother is still doing his rounds in the blogosphere and who knows, you might be the next lucky one.

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  1. we have that back in australia! but a bigger version whichc is very helpful pg my parties kmi or reunion with relatives your very lucky! sna skn din! haha xx

  2. I have high hopess that you’ll get that dishwasher soon. That would greatly help working mothers from having to tackle dirty dishes after a tiring day at work.

  3. filipinos are so specific to the cleanliness of the dishes… some really preferred it hand-washed… but this can be best for busy people. Yahweh bless.

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