Facts About Dengue

It’s rainy season once again, the season that most people think is dengue season. Worse, there’s no developed antibodies nor vaccines to fight dengue infection. Below are facts about dengue that will help you protect yourself and reduce your risk of being infected.

Cover exposed skin. The lesser skin you show,
the lesser you are likely to be infected.

False: Rainy season is dengue season.
Fact: Dengue strikes all year long.

False: Dengue-carrier mosquitoes only lurks on daytime.
Fact: Night mosquitoes can also be dengue carriers. Aedes Albopictus (day and night mosquito) is a secondary dengue vector.

False: You can only get dengue once.
Fact: There are four strains of dengue and getting one strain does not protect you from getting the others. In fact, you can be infected by the same strain twice.

False: Mosquitoes breed in dirty water.
Fact: Dengue-carrying mosquitoes don’t care if the water is dirty or clean. They can even breed on purified water or on a coin-size droplet so long as it is stagnant (undisturbed).

False: There are mosquito-magnet people.
Fact: Mosquitoes can be attracted to anyone but according to experts, people who sweat a lot and have high levels of lactic acid on the skin are more attractive for mosquitoes.

How to Know if You Have Dengue

  • Skin redness, flushing or rushes due to high fever
  • Headache and nausea
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Bleeding nose and gums (in some cases)

How to Prevent Yourself from Being Infected

  • Cover all water vessels. Check potholes, clogged gutters and drainage around your house. These are Mosquitoes breeding grounds.
  • Cover exposed skin. The lesser skin you show, the lesser you are likely to be infected.
  • Use mosquito repellents of your choice (lotion, bracelet or patch).


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