Every Summer is Unforgettable

For my daughter who loves water very much, every summer is unforgettable because this is the time for endless swimming. Would you believe as early as today she has plans for the next year’s summer, where to go and what resort? Yes because she saw that resort on the web, she told me we’ll go there next summer and we’ll stay there overnight.

RJ is like a mermaid. She loves water that she doesn’t want to get out of the pool once she’s on it. Much more now that she can swim without the help of her floaters. But still, I don’t allow her to swim without those for safety reasons.

Summer is also the time for her to bond longer with her favorite playmates no other than her cousins.

Care to share with us your unforgettable summer?

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  1. hey girl thanks for the dalaw! korek k dyan super unforgettable ito!
    nweis mabuti anak mo next summee p plan nya…anak ko ng babae araw araw ng pa plan ahahah =) and tom sa pico de loro kme ulet =)

  2. awwwwww….ang saya-saya ng mga mag cousins…wish Akesha's cousins live close by…eheheh!

    galing! marunong na palang lumangoy si RJ…thanks for sharing te…salamat din sa dalaw….glad to be here again!

  3. Nabitin ako sa video tokaya hahaha. Love the photos. Sent you a card but am sure it will arrive late..

    I am late but hoping you could still peek at my Fun at the Creek post. Thanks.

  4. Summer actually is all about bonding with cousins and have a dip in the water. Gusto ko nga din mag aral ng swimming lesson pero ang mahal so anak ko na lang, she will just rescue me when I get in trouble lol.

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