Encouraging Your Children to Write a Diary

Writing a story, an article, a blog post, a poem, a song, is not easy for most people, but writing what goes in one’s thoughts down is a lot easier. It is the brain writing, regardless of how poorly constructed it is. Before the birth of the internet, people have been writing to others and sending those letters through the post office. A connection has been made, despite the length of time waiting for the reply to the last letter. When the internet ate up the post offices worldwide and the keyboard replace the pens, those who used to be writing resorted to emailing and real-time chat sessions. The world became smaller and now chatting enables people to talk with, and see each other, instead of merely typing the responses. The more writing became a forgotten art.

write a diary
Encourage your children to write a diary at an early age to
develop the habit of writing and expressing their thoughts.

Good thing blogging emerged in the world of internet. It encourages people to write their thought. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are now existing with different niches and topics. If you do a search on any topic you want to know about, most likely there is a blog about it. Blogging brought up many writers of different thinking. The rules of writing have been broken. While there is still an invisible acceptable rule (like correct grammar and punctuation), different styles are emerging.

Writers who used to convey their stories or messages through a hard copy (like a book, booklet, magazine, newspaper, etc.) are also swimming the internet crowd to be noticed. Readers who used to be limited in resources because of expensive books, are now able to reach the works of different writers, known or unknown. Reading has now become more popular that it ever was.

Encourage your children to write a diary at an early age to develop the habit of writing and expressing their thoughts. It is the start to develop a good writer. There are basically two kinds of people; those who are good in speaking and those who are good in writing. Both can be learned, although more people are naturally good in talking. Writing, though, has the better chance of being “heard” far wider than speaking. Who knows? Your children might be one of the writers of the future bestseller.

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