Encouraging Your Children to Use The Computer Productively

In this digital age, it is no wonder
that children can use the computer
without the help of an adult.

In this digital age, it is no wonder that children can use the computer without the help of an adult. Most of them are even better than their parents! Some, though, use the computer just for playing games and entertainment. They know all the key strokes and shortcuts to be able to beat their opponents in any game that they set their minds into. But, is that all they should do with their computer time? Why not, instead, encourage children to develop themselves by learning certain computer skills that are useful in an office environment?

Start with a typing tutor because typing the right way makes encoding a lot easier and faster. Even a 7-year old can start learning how to type with fingers in the right keys. Most typing tutor programs have different typing games to test the speed and accuracy of the what has been learned. Many of the school projects these days require typing. Learning how to do it right from the start will help considerably any student.

Office applications such as Windows’ Microsoft Office or Libre Office, the free open source version, include a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database manager, a drawing or image editor, a presentation or slide show creator. Being able to operate on these will give the child a great advantage especially when applying for an office job later or even when running his/her own business.

While there is a drawing or image editing tool included in the Office package, it is very limited. Being able to manipulate images is a great advantage especially when there are minor corrections that are needed to be done. Photoshop is equipped to help in this task but the free version is GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. Layouting is another skill that is good to learn to be able to create calling cards, brochures and leaflets, etc.

When someone can operate on those application softwares, the future is only limited by one’s imagination. Start teaching your children how to use the computer and be equipped not only for his or her own business or for easy employment opportunity. After all, life is a continuous learning process.

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