Encourage Your Children’s Interest

Inside every child lies a passion or interest. As parent, you can identify your children’s interest and improve it.

children's interest

How would you know your children’s interest?

Just like you, your children have their own preferences, abilities and capabilities. By providing a variety of stimuli and observing your children; or by encouraging them to ask you questions and tell you their ideas, you can understand their passion and interest.

My daughter was just one month old when she first reacted to music. She falls asleep to a lullaby played in a cassette. She wakes up and cries every time I turn of the cassette. She was six months when she danced to an upbeat music. From then on, I know that music interests her so my husband and I began to buy cassette tapes then CDs later on.

How to encourage your children’s interest?

Pay attention to what your children like to do and find an activity related to their interests. If your one child is interested in animals, you can buy him/her a dog. If your other child is interested in music, you may look for acoustic guitars for beginners or any musical instrument and buy one. If your child likes to build and repair, you may help him/her build a bird’s house for a start.

Why encourage your children’s interests?

Playing to your children’s passions lead to their happiness. This happiness motivates them to improve whatever interests them. If their interests will become their career or not when they grow up, you will never know.  But one thing is for sure…encouraging and improving your children’s interests will develop their self-esteem and will help them to aim for success.

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