Magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti last January 20, 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile last February 27,  5.8 magnitude in Hambantota, Sri Lanka last March 14, 5.7 magnitude in Sog Xian (Xi Zang), China yesterday and 6.0 magnitude today in east of Manila. What is happening to the world? Is this because of the global warming?

An earthquake can be likened to the effect observed when a stone is thrown into water. After the stone hits the water a series of concentric waves will move outwards from the center. The same events occur in an earthquake. There is a sudden movement within the crust or mantle, and concentric shock waves move out from that point. Geologists and Geographers call the origin of the earthquake the focus. Since this is often deep below the surface and difficult to map, the location of the earthquake is often referred to as the point on the Earth surface directly above the focus. This point is called the epicentre. (source)

This force of nature is devastating and we can’t do anything except to pray and take necessary measures. Please pray for the world and observe what should be done to stop this global warming.

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