Does Being a Full-time Mom Make You Fat

A few weeks from now I’ll be meeting again my old friends who are also now mothers like me and both of them gained weight just like me. It seems that weight gain is an inevitable part of aging. 20 years ago the three of us were all petite and slim because of different activities, night life and all. But since we gave birth and became full time Moms, we got double chins, expanding waist lines and wide, full hips. And because we are too busy with just everything in the household, it gets more and more difficult to maintain an ideal weight. One of my friends suggested to open a Yoga  studio and asked me where to find wholesale yoga equipment. If she’s serious or not, I don’t really know.

Does being full-time Moms really make us fat? The answer is NO. It’s the changes in metabolism that makes people gain weight. As people gets older, the metabolism gets slower. As people age, the body needs fewer calories but if people eat the same amount of food that are high in salt, fat and calories, just like what they did in their twenties, then there’ll be a subsequent changes in their weight. Fortunately, there are things we can do to fight this weight gain…balance diet and exercise, which are hard for full-time Moms like me to observe as there is just not enough time in a day to exercise not to mention the presence of different food in the house.

Full-time Mom or working Mom, both will gain weight if balance diet and exercise won’t be properly observed.

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