Doctor, Doctor, My Baby is Sick

It is difficult to be sure when your baby is truly sick, so never leave anything to chance. Call your doctor immediately, specially if your baby…

  • Cries more than usual (his crying sounds unusual or abnormal for more than an hour)
  • Seems abnormally quiet, drowsy, or listless
  • Refuses two successive feedings or does not demand to be fed  for 6 hours.
  • Seems particularly irritable or restless

Call for emergency help if your baby…

  • Throws up green vomit
  • Has a temperature over 102°F (39°C) and cries for more than half an hour
  • Vomits and cries uncontrollably as if in great pain
  • Is breathing very noisily or rapidly
  • Has a taut, bulging fontanelle when he is crying
  • Screams as if in pain and turns pale when he screams
  • Has bowel movements containing blood and mucus

Even if your baby has no definite symptoms, you can often tell he is getting sick by his whiny, clingy behavior. Children may become pale, lose their appetite, and may have irritable temper tantrums. Take symptoms seriously and consult your doctor at the first sign that your child is sick.


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  1. that’s one thing i don’t enjoy about motherhood, when my kids are sick, it seems like i’m dying every moment.. 🙁

  2. it is importatnt to know these things as a mommy, when I first had a baby, I am so paranoid with so many things kaya check ako lagi sa internet 😉 Thanks for this tip, madaming mga mommies matutulungan 😉

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