Digital Parenting Tools to Combat Dangers in the Internet

The digital world is a vast and complex arena for learning, entertainment, social media, and self expression. It is also an area where kids may be vulnerable to exploitation, moral corruption, bullying, or victimization from cyber criminals. Smart parents will do what it takes to protect their kids from the dangers in the internet. Finding out what these dangers are and getting the tools to combat them is the first step to protect your kids online.


Access to information make the internet an indispensable tool for schoolwork. However, too much time and freedom of use can expose your kids to inappropriate content or disrupt learning habits. Aside from establishing rules on internet usage, parents can also make use of tools like Famililoop Safeguard. This software can help parents block inappropriate content, set limits and monitor internet activities, be aware of potential issues, and locate their kids through geo fences. You can regulate the internet use of your children through the parental control by Familoop. This feature allows you to set healthy time limits for games and apps in your child’s devices. Parents can set time limits for internet access according to their agreed schedule i.e. no access during bedtime, games and apps during playtime only, limited access to sites on study time, etc. Parents can also set limits on the content or videos that their children can watch. The YouTube parental control feature can help you block inappropriate content for your kids. It also makes use of smart protection rules in their internet filtering software. These are age-based protection rules that are designed to provide web filtering and protection on all devices used by your child. Parents are immediately notified if there are suspicious content or searches made on the device even if the user goes on incognito mode.

Another online area that poses a danger to your kids is social networking sites and chat rooms. News of extremists using social network for recruitment and incidents of cyber bullying are worrisome events that are happening in social media. Parents can take a proactive stance in protecting their kids from these threats by monitoring the child’s internet activities. The social network protection feature of Familoop Safeguard automatically connects parents to social networks used by their child. This allows them to monitor and spot suspicious behavior and address it immediately. In this manner, potential cyber predators are kept at bay and cyber bullying can be stopped early.

The internet filtering software, smart parental controls, social network protection, and geotag features of Familoop Safeguard are invaluable tools for your child’s online protection. And not just that, the real time dashboards offer a guide for potential issues and digital parenting advice too. This software enables parents to get to know and understand their children better by keeping them in the loop of the child’s digital self. Remember, a healthy parent and child relationship is important in making these tools even more effective.

Making use of parental control and internet filtering software is the least you could do for your child’s online protection. Be a smart parent by choosing a product that provides complete, and smart, protection like Familoop Safeguard, You can be even smarter by availing of their early opt-it offer get 60% discount when the product is launched on September 2015.

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