Different Types of Pushchairs Explained

If you are in the middle of a pregnancy, there are probably a million different thoughts and concerns running through your brain at any time of day; we imagine that “what pushchair should I get?” is likely to be pretty low on the list of priorities right now.

However, it would be for the best if you could think about pushchairs as soon as possible; now, if that’s an option for you. There are endless different models available on the market, with absolutely loads of different features, bits-and-bobs, safety gizmos and helpful add-ons, so things can get pretty confusing if you’re trying to make up your mind without doing the proper prep beforehand.

Thankfully, you’ve got experts to help you out – read this article and get all clued up on prams, pushchairs, and all their paraphernalia. Don’t lose your mind in your favourite baby superstore; be a pushchair pro!

Twin pushchairs allow your little ones to sit next to each other, whilst tandems will put one behind the other, or even underneath.

Lightweight Single Pushchairs

Lightweight pushchairs are less heavy than other models – the clue’s in the name, really – so they’re more easily manoeuvrable. They’re practical, as you can shove them away in a niche or alcove at home, and they are allowed on buses; something that prams often struggle with.

Lightweights aren’t really suitable for newborns, not unless the seat can be reclined all the way back to horizontal, so check for that first. If not, you’ll have to wait until your little one is at least three months old.

Coach Prams

Coach prams are the traditional style prams; you know the ones. They’re large, and they’re hard bodied, with big wheels and a handy shopping tray underneath. They usually have the best suspension around, meaning your babe will be able to stay sleeping even on bumpy terrain, and they are easily the most comfortable thing out there.

Sadly, they have their downsides too – the large size and sturdiness mean they can’t be folded up, so you’ll need a lot of space at home, and you can forget about public transport! You’ll also want to avoid any stairs or narrow shops…

Twins and Tandems

If you are expecting not one, but two bundles of joy, then you’ll be wanting to look at twins and tandems. Twin pushchairs allow your little ones to sit next to each other, whilst tandems will put one behind the other, or even underneath. The tandems are better for manoeuvrability.

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