Dieting for Years

My husband and I have been dieting for years. We tried all types of dieting that you can think of like South Beach diet, high protein meal, after-six, etc., but nothing worked for us. Dieting requires a lot of determination and I must admit, we have a little of that. For a wife who is very passionate of cooking and a husband who loves eating, dieting has become so tough. It’s like we are battling for years and always failed.

But why are we dieting? I am not obese but I am a little heavy for my height of 5 feet while my husband is overweight, weighing 200 pounds and he is just 5 feet 7 inches tall. He is nearly obese and we all know the risk associated with obesity. So we are dieting not just to look and feel good but more on health reasons.

Two weeks ago we tried our new plan, the low carbohydrate-high protein diet. This diet promise quick weight loss and strong body. We are now on our third week and hoping to shed off those pounds in few months. We also want to try Meal Replacement Bars as substitute for our meals and to appease our chocolate cravings. With these tempting foods (like chocolate) everywhere, it is really hard to diet. But then, we must try over and over. We will triple our determination, discipline and commitment this time.

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