Developmental Milestone And Its Effect To Mental Health

Psychoanalysts have been always sure in their theories about developmental milestones. At birth where in trust and mistrust are competing, the former should be developed accordingly by being close to your child through hands on care or if possible through breast feeding. If trust was successfully established, when this child grows up, he can also be trusted and trust others accordingly. Different traits in every stage should be properly handled and molded.

Mental health is just a product of a properly developed personality while growing up. Parents’ involvement in their child’s growing up years is an important factor. There have been traces of poor parental relationships to those mentally disturbed patients or those with altered mental functionality.

A person can no longer function properly if his mental health is going to be altered. It is among the most complex diseases ever known and its cure can never be simple. A person suffering from a mental disease will need didactic treatment but should be in a way that isn’t mind blowing.

mental health

It has been a dilemma to those people having a mentally ill relative to fully accept the situation. Sometimes they fear admitting their love ones inside a mental facility could just worsen the situation. They are thinking that way because the mentally ill patient will be exposed to other mentally ill individuals and they rarely see normal thinkers except for their nurses and doctors.

Good thing there are mental health rehabilitation centers that treat their patient in a different yet more effective ways. There is this one institution wherein patients get to live in a community. They get to see people doing activities of daily living and later on they will find themselves doing it as well. When the time comes that they are ready to be back in their own community, they won’t be having any difficulty adapting.

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  1. That research could be right, i don’t know because i’m not a psychologist. But it’s sad that there are mentally disturbed in this world who were not given proper diagnosis and do something horrific to the society.

  2. Being a parent definitely is an honor, priviledge and a huge responsibility. Responsibility because you are responsible in taking care of another human being and teach them about the big world and getting them ready for when they grow up to face the world. It definitely is vital to nourish, love and support kids and teach them the right ways in life so they won’t turn out to be a problem to themselves and to the society.

  3. I’ve taken up a few classes for psychology back in the day. I learned quite a few relating to mental issues and I couldn’t agree with you more on the points you have outlined. Great share here. Keep it up!

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