DeoMom – A Safe Deodorant for Pregnant Moms

It is the active skin glands and increased blood flow through the skin during pregnancy that make pregnant Moms feel warmer and perspire a lot. Sometimes taking a bath is not enough so there’s the need to use deodorant. However, not all deodorant are safe for pregnant Moms because of the chemicals in it; chemicals that might get to their system through the skin. High concentrations of these chemicals, most especially the aluminium which is the main ingredient in most antiperspirant, may lead to cancer, neurotoxicity, or even developmental and reproductive toxicity. Though there are no reported cases yet of cancer patients and toxicity due to the use of deodorant, we can’t be too careful when it comes to our baby’s health. If you are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, it is better to shift to home-made deodorant that is toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

DeoMomGot these with the cream container in not so good condition.

Is there a safe deodorant that has no aluminum, no alcohol/glycol, no fragrance, dye or parabens and is 100% vegan? Yes, there is safe deodorant and I am lucky to receive and try the DeoMom from 30SomeWeeks. com. What’s in DeoMom? Instead of aluminium that plugs and prevents sweat from reaching the skin surface, DeoMom only has water and Magnesium Hydroxide, a mineral that is safe enough to eat.

DeoMom Roll-on DeoMom Roll-on

What I love about DeoMom is it dries easily so no sticky, icky-feel. The scent is very mild that no one noticed I was wearing deodorant, not even my husband.  Hubby hates the smell of deodorant most especially those with strong floral and fruity scent. He said the scent sticks to his nose…hahaha! He is the reason why I always buy unscented.

DeoMom CreamThe cream looks sticky, but it is not.

Ooops… I’m not pregnant…I can’t be due to health reasons but it is always good to know products that are safe for the whole family to use…pregnant or not.

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