Décor Elements Every Mother Should Own

With so many décor elements to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know what to invest in and what to pass on. If you are looking forward to decorating your home with some new décor elements but aren’t sure what to stock up on, look to the basics, such as pretty pillows, throws for the fall and winter time, and logo water features, which are perfect if you recently started your own business. Owning the basic décor elements that are both elegant and functional will allow you to expand the décor in your home once you have a good foundation.

Patterned Pillows

You can never own enough pillows, which are very trendy today. Find a variety of designs and patterns from chevron to zigzag. Different patterns on pillows are an instant way to add to a space without taking away from the rest of your decorations. Plus, pillows are easy to replace if you’d like to switch up some colors or change a subtle pattern in the room with completely creating a new design in your space. Let’s not forget that pillows are just so comfortable and they are fun to place around the house for the kids and company to enjoy!

Winter Throws

It’s time to gear up and get ready for the fall and winter time, which means cooler temperatures and feeling chilly even in the house. To cut back on your heating bill, buy a few new throws from Target or at another affordable store. Having a few throws in your home will allow you to stay warm and add some charm to your living room and bedroom space as well. In addition, throws are made of many soft materials such as angora, cotton, and polyester, which make them cozy and comfy during the colder months ahead.

Logo Water Features

If you’ve recently started your own freelance business or are busy being a stay at home mom, having logo water features in your home is a classy touch. You can incorporate wonderful wording on the fountain such as a Bible verse, favorite quote, or the name of your business. The water feature will definitely look exquisite in a dining or living room and will become a fantastic focal point in your space too.

There are several other elements that a mother should own, but these are just a few that are fun to invest in. As mentioned above, once you have the basics in your home it’s time to expand and discover other beautiful elements that will enhance your space. Just be sure to not over clutter your home because there is a fine balance of having the right amount of décor and having too much!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She enjoys decorating and a few of her favorite elements are chic and comfy pillows and logo water features.

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