Cut Down Family Bills with Prepaid Phones for Kids

If you have a pre-teen or teenager in the family, your cell phone bill can easily end up being one of the highest bills each month. This is particularly true if your child carries a smartphone, and uses it to download large volumes of data or send 500 texts a day. It’s worth taking the time to research your options, even if you’re currently locked into a contract. There are family phone plans, prepaid phones, and international calling options that can all help save you money on your bills.

prepaid phones
Many children spend half of their waking hours
sending texts and snapping photos.

Children and Phone Usage

Many families give their children a mobile phone at ages as young as 10 or 11, while others wait until the kids are teenagers. There’s a great deal of social pressure for younger children to have phones these days, so that they can take part in social media outlets and play games with their friends. Although most parents would prefer that the phone is used as an emergency contact only, many children spend half of their waking hours sending texts and snapping photos. All of this data usage can really add up!

No-Contract Deals

One way to lower your monthly phone bills is to sign up for a no-contract deal. Although signing a contract with a major provider can save you a bundle on a brand new smartphone, this isn’t always necessary when you’re simply giving your child their first phone. Many parents opt to hand down an older model rather than splash out on the latest iPhone for a 12-year old. As a result, a no-contract deal could be a good option. There are great pay as you go tariffs with Lebara and other providers that are low in cost. This also allows you to switch carriers whenever you like, should you spot a great deal down the road. It’s a good idea to shop around to see what your options are before signing a new contract for your little one.

Benefits of Prepaid Phones

Buying a pay as you go phone for your child can save a bundle of money, and you can anticipate exactly what you will be charged so that there are no surprises at the end of the month. This can help teach your child how to budget their phone usage. If they know they only have a certain number of minutes allowed each month, they will need to pick and choose their phone calls and cut down on internet time. This helps teach responsibility. Another benefit of prepaid phones is that they often offer lower international rates for the whole family. This can be a good option if you need to make cheap calls when your child is on a gap year abroad, rather than paying the usual contract rates.

Looking outside the box of the usual phone contract can potentially save your family a great deal of money. Pay as you go phones can be ideal for children who are just learning how to use this technology, and it allows you to monitor their usage as a parent a little more easily. Going contract-free gives you the freedom to shop around and find the best rates, each and every month.

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