Crazy Over Virtual Farms

The free online games are what keeping Rhonnel and RJ busy on weekends. It is sort of their father-daughter bonding. They love searching for the cheats, tricks, tips and new games on the net. What are they crazy about are the virtual farms where they can plant, grow, harvest and sell fruits and vegetables. Thus, when I saw the Frohe Ernte (Happy Harvest) website, I recommend it to them. At Frohe Ernte, they can rule over a virtual farm and own virtual animals. Another good thing is they can play it on their mobile phones. Hmmm…seems like I will be joining them too in getting crazy over farm games.
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  1. I have very limited time in our computer which is crawling now because of poor internet connection that I no longer have time to play online games. The only game I play when I want to relax is scrabble. I'm now on the elite level. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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