Crazy Over Rides

RJ is crazy over any kind of rides. I remember RJ was still 3 years old when we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Baguio. It was RJ’s first time to travel that long. We had no any problem the whole trip because she enjoyed the trip very much. When we reached the bus terminal in Baguio, she didn’t want to get off the bus. She was crying hard that Rhonnel had to carry her. That’s how crazy she is over rides.

Until now that she’s turning 8 years old, there are times she is bugging us for the rides in amusement centers or arcades.

Some parents think that taking their kids to arcades or amusement centers is not worthwhile. For them, it is better to play in the park or ride a bike. Playing in the arcade is totally different from playing in the park. I agree that parks and bike rides are better but I disagree that amusement centers are not worthwhile. In the amusement centers, there’s a whole bunch of exciting entertainment geared for our kids that somehow satisfy their curiosity and social needs.This is a good bonding time too because Dads and Moms can enjoy the rides as well. weeee!


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  1. maganda rin talaga na dinadala sila sa amusement center kasi doon nasasakyan nila iba't ibang klase ng rides kahit magastos.

  2. those rides look fun… at kasama pa ang parents… 🙂 i love amusement centers and i'm hoping my little girl will love it too..
    – rache blog hopping…

  3. I agree with you, fun rides in amusement centers give the kids an added extra thrill that no play or ride in the park can do. Kid loves the surrounding in an amusement center and the presence of so many people too. They feel extra special when they are riding their favorite fun rides as other kids and adults ogle at them. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. anything na nakakapagbond ang family is worthwhile. nakaktuwa super enjoy ang little girl mo sa rides.

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  5. Wow pati sina mommy eh nasa rides din.. Malapit ka ng magkadalaga tokaya hehehe.. Bakit ala pa akong comment dito huhuhu, did u put this in the link? Anyhow just a quick visit here tokaya before I hit the bed, my angles are sick kasi.

  6. awwwwww…ang gara naman ni RJ…sangkatutak ang rides…ehehehe!

    salamat sa dalaw te…sensya na po at ngayon lang me ulit naka dalaw…super busy lang po kasi ako…hope all is well!

  7. Fun lang sa inyo ang amusement fun rides kasi isa lang ang anak nyo. Kapag 6 ang kids, it's better sa park na lang, kasi nakaupo lang ang parents habang mga bata nagbibiting parang mga unggoy sa monkey bars, or nag su swing, or nag si see saw, oh di ba?? Hehehe!

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