Cool Summer Activities for the Family’s Beach Bonding

Yes, it is still summer and summer spells FUN for almost every kid in town. This break gives them more time to play and take up activities that they can’t do while the school year is ongoing. Summer break also provides wonderful weather for family vacations, road trips and beach bonding. This time, why not take the whole family for a couple of days of sun, sand a surf? Unlike what many families think, there are actually a lot of other summer activities that you can do on the beach than just wade in the waters. Here are some suggestions that you might want to check out.

build sand castles

Build Sand Castles!

Challenge everyone in the family with these fun summer activities, to create sand castles and sculptures that are photo op-worthy! Don’t settle for the shapeless mounds that you used to make, with tools such as a small bucket, a small shovel and carving tools to help you, you can create a fortress that all of you will be truly proud of!

beach camping
Beach Camping

For a change, opt for a beach camping rather than the usual hotel resorts that your family usually book and reserve. The kids will have the grandest experience setting up and sleeping inside a tent. You may also use camping stoves and cook set to prepare your food. You can teach your kids to be more conscious about the environment as you tell them to collect the garbage and to dispose them properly too. These summer activities can make your kids’ vacation exciting and worthwhile.

Treasure Hunting

For a kid’s wild imagination, the sea and the sun can be synonymous with pirates and treasure hunts! While at beach, give your kids a special mission to find the most unique shells or draw up a treasure map that they can easily follow. Cap the day with a reward and a sumptuous feast of fresh and yummy seafood!

star gaze
Stargaze at Night

Down at the beach is the best location for stargazing and catching falling stars for a wish! Take advantage of the wide open sky that’s perfect for sky watching and star gazing. Point out constellations and try to name them in a contest. Catch falling stars and make wishes before they’re gone.

beach sports

Try Out Beach Sports

The fine weather and the time you have could be the best combination you need to try and learn new sports that you will enjoy. Frisbee, beach volleyball and beach soccer are just some to name a few that could interest you. If the beach you’re heading has really nice waves, it could be the perfect setting to learn surfing, no waves? Try skimboarding!

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