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If you are a regular visitor of this site, then most probably you have noticed the new theme. And who is the brain behind this fabulous Cool Change Theme? No other than… (drum roll)… Kaye Mendez of WAHM.aholic Blog Designs. Kaye promised me a customized layout but I didn’t expect it to be given on my birthday. It is the best birthday gift I got this year. I love it so much that I have to take a peek on this site every once in a while.

I know how to utilize plug-ins and do a little tweak here and there to spruce up my sites but I can’t make a theme that is totally from the ground so most of the time I use free blog themes from the web. There may be free blog designs and themes available online but having a customized one that was built just for you gives your blog a personalized touch. If you are a blogger, then you know what I mean. So if you want your site to stand out from the crowd, why not head on to WAHM.aholic Blog Designs?

My birthday was last June 10 so this post is more than 2 weeks overdue, but because of so many reasons, it is only now that I got the chance to thank the generous giver. To you Kaye, maraming, maraming salamat!

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