Convincing Your Kids to Consume what’s Inside Their Lunchbox

It has been a dilemma to most parents when their kids arrive home from school and didn’t even touch the food inside their lunchbox. Mothers would most likely want their children to eat healthy most especially that they’re going to deal with a lot school activities. However, kids would be lured to play and won’t even bother to have a glimpse on what’s inside their lunchbox. Some would be influenced by the numerous junk foods being sold near their school gate or would be convinced by their playmate to exchange their food with a certain toy.

However, there are some tips in order to convince your kids to finish up their lunch. Aside from the fact that you can actually hire a nanny to watch over your kids at school and feed them, there are techniques to make them eat no matter what happens.

inside kids' lunchbox

My daughter’s lunchbox…burger patties,
buttered kernels, lettuce and heart-shaped rice.

Before you sent your kids to school, they already have these favorite snacks at home. Be aware of these snacks and pack them up inside their lunchbox. You can also add up some goodies like chocolates or candies from time to time if they would be able to consume their lunch. Make their food as colorful as possible and learn to shape their cookies into their favorite animals or toys. It’s a bit tricky but soon you’ll realize that it’s effective.

kids' empty lunchbox

My daughter’s lunchbox after school…almost empty :).

Make their food as tempting as possible but at the same time healthy. When it comes to sandwiches, try to include fruit jams and similar fillings and you can also cut the whole sandwich into their favorite shapes. For their drinks, you can make fruit juices or smoothies made from carrots, apples, oranges and some other refreshing fruits. Fruit salad is also nice just make sure all your fruits are fresh and not those canned ones.

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