Convincing A Picky Toddler To Eat

picky toddlerAmong the numerous challenges that parents get to deal with, especially the mothers, is to convince a picky toddler to try other foods in order for him to get the recommended and needed nutrients.

When you start to introduce solid food to your kid, they might not be able to pick at first but they moment to get to see you munching junk foods and it reaches their taste buds, more likely they would bribe you as much as they can just to have it frequently.

One thing to bear in mind in situations like this is to set youself as an example. As much as possible, refrain from letting your children see you eating food that aren’t good for them.

Whenever you want to introduce something new to them, do not deprive them from their favorites. Instead, introduce your new food as another option or choice. Little by little they would be able to appreciate the new one and might as well change his favorite meal.

Kids are intuitive individuals and they would most likely eat those that are intriguing to their eyes. In may require that much effort but every time you prepare their meal make it as colorful and delicious-looking as you can. You may cut the veggies in different shapes and these days creative cutters are already available in the supermarket.

Another technique to convince the picky toddler to eat is to involve them in the preparation of food. It would make them more intrigued if they prepared the food themselves.

These kids most likely say no to certain new food because they want to play safe. They don’t want to taste something that isn’t familiar. This is somewhat normal and as parents, you need to be creative and innovative in convincing them because after all it is going to be for their own health.

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