Colorful Day

Watching her made my day more colorful. I can’t deny that she is baby no more. These pictures show how big she has grown and the things that made her baby are now all gone. But I am glad that she is still playful and carefree. And no matter how big she will be, she will always be my baby.

colorful weekend
baby no more

Big Girl

Taken on a colorful day…

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  1. Hi sis where is this…ganda naman for pictorial mode…

    Oh and I also notice sis…dalaginding na ang little girl mo…in a couple of years may dalaga ka na din just like me

  2. Oh I love how she stands out amongst the shapes. So striking! I love these photos… and yes, our kids will forever be our babies. Thank you for bringing this to the Colorful Weekend party! See you again this Saturday, I hope. 🙂

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